Running your business, one document at a time,
is our business.

The journey to RevvSales, began when Sameer catalyzed the acquisition of 1Click (Rishi’s previous startup) by Freshworks. Both Rishi and Sameer have built products used by thousands of businesses, both small and large. Managing multi-million dollars in revenue, they’ve seen first-hand how SaaS started replacing the expensive and complex enterprise software stack, in both user experience and cost of ownership.

Why we started RevvSales?

Simple! Experience has taught us that business owners must focus on their core business and leave the heavy lifting of business processes & tools to specialists. The key problem we discovered is that the tools available are designed for large enterprises, are very expensive, and training heavy at one end. Or they are too simplistic and siloed at the other end. A typical business today subscribes to 50+ business apps for day-to-day operations. Software drives business process through spreadsheets, documents, emails, chat, dashboards, APIs, and platforms. Now is the time to reimagine the software essentials needed for a business. 

We decided to make running your business, one document at a time, our business! 

Trust is keystone

Trust is the keystone of any business relationship. Trust has sustained the partnership between Rishi and Sameer. Trustworthy documents - be it proposals, quotes, agreements, contracts, legal hotplates, employment letters are the bricks on which the foundation of trust is laid.

Our promise

At RevvSales, every product & service we provide comes with the promise of simplicity, certainty, transparency & trust. At RevvSales to deliver on our promise we are driven by rigor at every step, a relentless pursuit of the better, and the ritual to achieve perfection time after time.


  • of product experience
  • of understanding
  • in integration


  • of 24/7 support
  • of business continuity
  • of compatibility


  • in pricing
  • in product offerings
  • in every transaction


  • in our customers
  • in our employees
  • in our stakeholders

Venture backed by

Matrix Partners India invested in RevvSales, a next-gen sales quoting software.Lightspeed Venture Capitals also invested in RevvSales, a sales quoting software.  Arka Ventures invested in RevvSales contract management software.