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Quoting Software

Simplify your quoting process to deliver great customer experience.

RevvSales helps you work together with team members from across the company to provide quick, professional, error-free quotes to your customers.

RevvSales is a quoting software that helps you work across teams and send across quotes faster
Our Kanban view helps reduce your time spent in tracking your sales quotes with RevvSales insight-driven quoting solution


Free yourself of administrative tasks.

Get back your time that gets wasted searching for updated sales document. Our Sales Document Repository serves as the source of truth for all your deals. Stay on top of the important things with an overview of how your deals have progressed.
Are you looking for a quoting software? RevvSales is an insight-driven quoting software built especially for B2B sales teams


Create quotations and price deals in minutes

Empower your sales reps to quickly create quotes with a smart CPQ baked into your CRM. Maintain discount hygiene, yet allow flexibility with multi-level discounting. Manage not just the price but also its presentation in sales docs with grouping and default views. Automatic approval triggers ensure compliance with business logic.
To apply for a group discount, you can group products and discounts together in RevvSales quoting software


Familiar, spreadsheet like UX for managing products and pricing.

An out-of-the box capability with spreadsheet like experience makes configuring complex products and services super simple. Leverage pre-configured rules, constraints and pricing options that fit perfectly for your subscription service and also reduce training load. Toggle between multi-tiered pricing options and manage everything with ease.
Document reviewing helps you to stay in control of all your sales quotes


Improve team collaboration with an intuitive online workspace.

Now sales, finance, and legal teams can collaborate easily within a single shared workspace. Use @mentions, comments, tracked changes, and annotations just as you would in Google Docs to involve the right people at the right time.
See the current status of the sales document with RevvSales quoting solutions' contextual in-app notifications


Shift your approvals into high gear with relevant, meaningful context.

Avoid information overload and delays in decision making by automated approval requests that carry the right context. Get the complete picture of why and from whom approvals are needed wherever you are with in-app notifications, emails or your slack channel.
RevvSales e-sign integration lets you manage internal and external signature requests and speed up deal closure


Close deals with eSignature.

Don’t let pending deals linger unsigned. RevvSales is fully integrated with the world’s #1 e-sign tool, DocuSign. Now you can manage internal and external signature requests with ease to speed up deal closure.
Get key data points in your sales execution from RevvSales analytics dashboard. Leverage this data to improve performance


Get the lead indicators for your deals with our unique Sales documents Dashboard

Track and analyze key data points in your sales execution. Know where your sales closing is stuck. Leverage data on top-performing deals, people and products.

Reinforce with business system integrations

Integrate RevvSales with your favorite upstream and downstream systems such as CRM, CPQ and e-sign and ensure a seamless sales process. For those on SFDC, we give you a seamless 2-way sync with SAML enabled SSO ( Single Sign-on) and access from within the Salesforce App.

RevvSales app inside Salesforce platform with kanban for quotations management

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