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Deal Desk

Do you know what’s happening with your deals and sales teams? Track everything in a single dashboard.

Having a single, user-friendly dashboard allows you to track and analyze KPIs and key data points at a glance. Once you have identified top-performing products, people, and deals, you can leverage them for greater productivity. Gain insights into your deal bottlenecks so that you can sell more efficiently.

RevvSales Proposal Software
RevvSales Proposal Software

Speed up the sales cycle with pre-built templates.

Our deal desk comes pre-installed with templates for NDAs, SoWs, MSAs, order forms, contract, and more. Modify them, convert third-party documents into templates, or write your own for later use. With templates, you can maximize control over deal terms and reduce or eliminate errors while ensuring consistency across deals. Improve your turnaround time by sharing contracts via online links or as email attachments

Improve team collaboration with an intuitive online workspace.

Now sales, finance, and legal teams can collaborate easily within a single shared workspace. Use @mentions, comments, tracked changes, and annotations just as you would in Google Docs to involve the right people at the right time.

RevvSales Team Collaboration
RevvSales E-Sign

Close deals with eSignature

Don’t let pending deals linger unsigned. RevvSales’ deal desk is fully integrated with the world’s #1 e-sign tool, DocuSign. Now you can manage internal and external signature requests with ease to speed up deal closure.

Create order forms and price deals in minutes.

The RevvSales deal desk offers the functionality of a CPQ and a CRM. Empower your sales reps to create quotes that accommodate controlled, multi-level discounting. Manage the price and its presentation in sales documents with intuitive grouping and default views. Automatic approval triggers ensure compliance with your business rules.

RevvSales Automate
RevvSales Familiar UX

Use familiar, spreadsheet-like interfaces to manage products and pricing.

Configuring complex products and services is simple with our out-of-the box, spreadsheet-like interface that reduces the need for training. Model your subscription service with pre-configured rules and your selected constraints and pricing options. Toggle between multi-tiered pricing options to fine-tune your deal pricing.

Stay on top of approval workflows.

Regain control over your sales processes by structuring approval workflows for deal terms and pricing. A deal desk automates guardrails so that your reps can provide the best product-price mix without free-wheeling. Increase productivity and accountability by submitting requests for approval to the right person, role, or user group—and their designees—automatically.

RevvSales Automate
RevvSales Clear Context

Shift your approvals into high gear with relevant, meaningful context.

Avoid unnecessary delays in approval by ensuring each decision-maker has all the necessary context. The RevvSales deal desk makes it easy to see why, when, and from whom approvals are needed with in-app notifications, emails, and Slack integration.

Seamlessly integrate with other business systems.

RevvSales seamlessly integrates your sales process with upstream and downstream systems, such as CRM, CPQ, and DocuSign. For those using Salesforce, we offer a seamless, two-way sync with SAML-enabled single sign-on (SSO) and access from within the Salesforce app. Allowing teams to work within their native environment avoids manual data entry and costly mistakes.

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