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No more wasting time in administrative tasks managing your contracts

Get back your time that gets wasted searching for updated sales document. Our Sales Document Repository serves as the source of truth for all your deals. Stay on top of the important things with an overview of how your deals have progressed.

Directory structure for sales documents organised by opportunity inside RevvSales
Dashboard to track your sales execution. Track documents by stages, deal value. Pie charts and bar charts

Get analysis of what’s happening with your deals and teams with Dashboard

Tracks, analyze and view KPI’s and key data points. Leverage data of top-performing products, people and deals. Get deal guidance and insight into where (and why) deal documents are stuck for better efficiency.

Reinforce with business system integrations

Integrate RevvSales with your favourite upstream and downstream systems such as CRM, CPQ and e-sign and ensure a seamless sales process. For those on SFDC, we give you a seamless 2-way sync with SAML enabled SSO ( Single Sign-on) and access from within the Salesforce App.

RevvSales app inside Salesforce platform with kanban
NDA template selection, answering the form questions, previewing the final document

Save time and move deals faster with pre-built templates

Author professional NDAs, order forms, SoWs and contracts in a jiffy with reusable Form Templates. Convert third party papers into templates within minutes for later use. Get maximum control over committed deal terms and superfast turnarounds by online link sharing and .docx or pdf email attachments.

Collaborate with team members in a single, frictionless workspace.

Collaborate instantly with your sales, finance and legal teams in a single workspace. Use @mentions, comments and annotate specific sections/clauses just as you would in google docs, to draw the right people and the right time.

Sales document with notes section with review comments
Docusign inside RevvSales document asking for recipient name and email address

Ace that last mile of deal closure with eSignature

Get a boost in the final stretch of your deal closing process by integrating with world’s #1 e-sign tool, DocuSign or try RevvSales’ e-sign feature. Track and manage both internal and customer-facing signature requests.

Get control over deal terms with approval workflows

Set up guardrails so that your reps can provide the best product-price mix minus the free-wheeling. Structure approval workflows on deal terms and get control over your sales process. Reduce dependency and increase accountability by automating approvals that point to the right person, role or user group. Take it up a notch by having substitutes for those out of office.

Configure an approval workflow with trigger Conditions and following Actions
email for Approval triggered by workflow with detailed context

Shift your approvals into high gear with relevant, meaningful context

Avoid information overload and delays in decision making by automated approval requests that carry the right context. Get the complete picture of why and from whom approvals are needed wherever you are with in-app notifications, emails or your slack channel.
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We are helping more organisations setup their Sales document tempalates and Approval matrix. Your teams can work easily from their native environment, avoiding manual data-entry and costly mistakes.

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Complex contract management approval flows for MSA, NDA, for clauses

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