Is your subscription revenue going Ka-boom and not Ka-ching?

Meet Erica. She never misses renewals and is always on time!

Hi, I’m Erica.  I’m a sales rep at Edison Networks.
Herman Inc has been my customer for 3 years and their subscription is up for renewal. Our prices have gone up and they’re expecting a higher discount to stay with us. They also want premium support plan this time. We also need to add in an additional 20 seats to the existing 50 they have.

I had created a renewal opportunity when they first signed up with us. Let me check the draft quote associated with this opportunity. I’ve updated the licenses to 70 from 50 previously

I’ll have to change the price book but at least I don’t have to add the products again. The prices have been updated as per the new price book. I’ll add the premium support to this deal.

Our usual discount is up to 10% but I think I’ll have to bump it up to 20% to adjust and match the original price given previously. I’ll also mention that any add-on orders must co-term with the originating order. I’ll send the deal to Jamie, our VP Sales for approval.

Jamie has rejected the deal and advised me to reduce the discount to 15%. I’ll make the change and resend for approval.

Jamie has approved and I can send the quote to Paul, the CIO at Herman Inc.

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