Feel like a broken compass when mapping deal terms?

Meet Erica. Her proposals always chart the right path.

Hi, I’m Erica. I’m an Account Executive at BluBaron.

Herman, Inc. is expanding their support team. They’ve asked us to roll out the 500 software licenses bought earlier across 3 locations, with the required implementation and training. They also want a custom module at a one-time cost of $15,000 to be added in the quote.

The Services will be delivered on a Time & Materials basis. I’ll allocate 2 engineers for onshore implementation at $300/hr, and 1 engineer to provide offshore support at $150/hr

We’ll budget for 15 days implementations effort, including 50 hours of training to their support team. Project management costs and onshore travel allowances need to be accounted for in the estimate.

I’ll define 3 phases to split the onboarding for each location into the deal terms. As part of Platinum support plan, we’ll be offering 24×7 email and phone support. As they are paying for the custom module, Herman, Inc has asked for the IP rights to that module.

I’ve created the required proposal. Best is to send it to my manager Jamie, our VP Sales for review and also mark Marcus in the legal team to review the IP related clause.

Jamie has approved and Marcus made some changes to the clause so that it is fair to both sides. This is good to go in the Herman, Inc. preferred format, I’ll send it to Paul, their VP Support.

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