Do you run your quoting tool or does it run you?

Meet Erica. For her, creating a quote is a walk in the park.

Hi, I’m Erica.  I’m a sales rep at Edison Networks.

Marketing automation company Herman, Inc. is looking to scale their Linux containers and want to run repetitive compute jobs using these containers. As we are one of the premier Azure resellers they have requested us to provide a quote for their requirements.

I’ll add in the high-level deployment architecture and details on the software stack we are proposing per requirements outlined. As the reseller, we’ll be providing implementation and support services, their scope has to be described.

For their hardware requirements, I’ll propose using 2 instances of the Azure Kubernetes Service with a reserved IP address for their container needs. For their repetitive jobs, I’ll propose 2 instances of Azure Batch.

The service contract will be for 5 years, with a 3-year lock-in and optional renewal for another 2 years thereafter. Either party can end the contract with a 60-day notice, post the lock-in period. The purchase order should be for Edison Networks and not Microsoft.

Sending it to Jamie, our VP Sales for her review and approval. She’s traveling for a Customer meeting but should get a Slack notification with basic details to send her approval.

Jamie has sent in her approval, this is good to go in the Microsoft format prescribed for resellers. I’ll send this quote to Paul, CIO for Herman Inc.

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