Feel like a fish out water when dealing with T&C?

Meet Erica. Her proposals are always fishing for compliments.

Hi, I’m Erica.  I’m a sales rep at Edison Networks, Austin.
I just had a meeting with Herman, Inc. in Chicago to understand their requirements and I’m heading back.  I’ve convinced them for a 2-year contract. However, they’re expecting 3 months of free usage against our standard one month. They’re expecting the proposal by EOD.

I have to create a new quote. Our Enterprise Plan along with setup and onboarding will serve them best. They require the Service Desk and Chat.

I’ll have to alter the T&C of Freemium Usage since they want 3 months free. They’ve agreed to pay $50k in advance as the implementation fee and remaining will be billed as per the subscription plan.

Since it’s a $200,000 deal, I cannot send this quote to Herman, Inc. without approval from Jamie, our V.P Sales. I’ll send it for approval and she’ll get notified on Slack too and hopefully respond before I land

Yay! Deal’s approved. I’ll choose our standard template to generate a quote doc and send it to Paul, VP Support at Herman, Inc.

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