Caught between a rock and a hard place with deal terms?

Meet Erica. Her proposals are always rock-solid.

Hi, I’m Erica.  I’m an Account Executive at  BluBaron.

Herman Inc needs marketing and graphic design services for their upcoming series of events spread over next 6 months. They want to go all out on social media and want branding services as well. I need to send them a quote with a breakup of the services and resources needed.

The individual services include micro-site creation, SEO and SMM. The website will require 1 UX designer, 1 UI designer, and 2 Developers. Additional hosting charges for WordPress have to be included. The Premium Corporate Branding plan serves the purpose for their logo and other design collateral.

We charge a monthly retainer which includes maintenance and support to be paid before 7th of every month along with a 30% advance. I’ll include this in the deal terms along with the clause that all creatives will be their IP. Also, need to add a clause allowing us to use their logo in our marketing material. Our standard termination terms apply.

Everything looks good, but let me send it to Alex our Program Manager, to review if we have the requested resources to commit for this project. Then I’ll send to Marcus, the legal counsel for his approval especially if there are any other terms she wants to add or modify.

Yay! Deal’s approved. I’ll choose our standard template to generate a quote doc and send it to Paul, VP Marketing at Herman, Inc.

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