Approve this, approve that, this-that, this, this… Aaaah!

Meet Charlie. He swipes right to approve and left to reject.

Hi, I’m Charlie, V.P Sales at Greenholt.

I manage a team of 15 sales reps including Erica and a few channel partners. Some reps are new and most others are experienced, diligent ones like Erica. I travel a lot and get about 30 quotes that need my approval every day!

I received a quote from Erica for Herman Inc. It’s a $200K deal but the 20% discount is too high. Seems like the month end pressure got to her. I will have to reject it. I’ll recommend 10% discount instead.

Just got a slack notification that Cadmus, our reseller has sent a revised quote. Changes are clearly highlighted. I can quickly compare both versions. Now it is as expected and I can approve it.

Alex from our Customer Success team has sent the quote for training and implementation at RedBaron. The deal terms have been structured correctly and Marcus the Legal Counsel has also reviewed it. It’s good to go.

Erica has sent another quote for Block Sons along with a note that they want 3 months free trial instead of our standard 1 month. Usually, I’d reject it but they’re a marquee customer and deal size is quite large. I’ll approve.

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