Make your deal, a big deal

Bring predictability, accuracy and agility in managing a creative sales deal, right from proposal to contract to cash. Sales reps can book more revenue, achieve quota faster and delight customers.

Current way

The Revvsales way

So you've got leads, how many are you closing?

Slower, Lower and Smaller Deals

Deals gets clogged as they move through the sales pipeline to people working in siloed departments for  information & approval. A true picture of deal closure and execution, especially with creative, custom proposals is missing, leading to incorrect forecasts.

Your Sales Rep Is a Lone Ranger

A deal may be the reps responsibility but multiple stakeholders are involved in making it successful. Customer, product or pricing data essential  in making deals successful is stranded with individuals from various departments, on assorted tools, stored in disparate systems.

Inability to Ask for More

A simple error in deal creation or execution can impact your reputation and brand. Most of them are due to tools that demand repetitive, manual work. You lose money if you under deliver, you lose money if you over deliver.


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